Jun 11, 2009

Unkind Cuts

Just got the bad news that L.A.'s Center Theatre Group has layed off 11 staff members, including beloved longtime press rep Ken Werther (pictured above) and marketing maven C. Raul Espinoza, both of whom I know well and whose leaving constitutes a crushing loss.

Not a lot I can say except that, in Kenny's case, I will miss kibitzing with a press rep who talks freely and frankly, almost but not quite to the point of dish, about the shows he's flogging. A press rep with that kind of savvy and a sense of humor, and who "gets" what critics and editors want (and don't want), is a rare commodity in my experience, though it's true of the best in the business. Kenny is one of the best, and I hope to work with him again.

UPDATE: I guess the number of staff members is 12.


C. Raul Espinoza said...

Rob, you hired me for my 1st professional theatre gig in Los Angeles back in March of 2002 producing the Backstage West Garland Awards. CTG hired me a few days after. I will always be grateful to you for putting me in the heart of the Los Angeles theatre community producing that award show.

Mil gracias,


Stage Right said...

You're right, Rob. Ken is THE BEST.

The cream rises to the top... always. These guys will always have an important role in LA Theatre...

It is CTG's loss in the long run. To not recognize the value that Ken and Raul bring to that organization speaks more to CTG's inept management then to the financial picture in Los Angeles.