Jun 25, 2009

Stop Kiss' L.A. Stop

Remember Diana Son's lovely, moving little mystery play about a pair of Manhattanites falling in love in the midst of, and in spite of, a violent attack? I didn't see its NY premiere in 1998, with Jessica Hecht and Sandra Oh, but I caught a marvelous production at Oregon Shakespeare Festival (believe it or not) in 2000. I expected that it would appear in Los Angeles any day after that, particularly since Son herself was in L.A. writing for TV. No such luck.

Now, at last, a little company called Rogue Machine will put it up in July at their space in West L.A. Both the company and the space post-date my time on the L.A. beat, but I know the director, Elina de Santos, an acclaimed veteran of the small theater scene there. Though there's no chance I'll see it, I'm glad Son's play is getting its long-overdue bow in L.A. And though it had a fair jaunt around a few regional theaters at the turn of the century, it's precisely the sort of play that deserves some of the regional theater ubiquity enjoyed by DoubtWitProof.

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