Jun 2, 2009

Coraline or Change

Critic-O-Meter is abuzz today with a spirited back-and-forth in the Comments section over the mixed reviews of the new Coraline at MCC. The interlocutors are Aaron Riccio of the fine review blog That Sounds Cool and none other than the Post's Elisabeth Vincentelli (a blogger herself), who gave the show its harshest review yet. It's a fine tete-a-tete by itself, but it's also a heartening and disarming sign of the times to witness a major daily critic get called on her review, then answer back about it freely and undefensively. This is a long-overdue development, I'd say.

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Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Yes, I do believe in constructive exchanges! Critics can't hide behind their institutional voice. When someone takes issue with something I wrote in a courteous, civilized manner, as Aaron did, I'm more than happy to engage in a discussion. No matter what we would prefer, the days of the critical one-way street are gone.