Jun 26, 2009


Have we overlooked a cause for celebration? David Rooney, pausing near the top of today's rave for Twelfth Night:
A case could be made that this is becoming a golden age for dramatic revivals on the New York stage. The Public's latest return to a Shakespeare in the Park staple comes on the heels of a season that has seen emotionally resonant investigations of works by Chekhov and Beckett, invigorating new looks at Schiller and Ionesco, adventurous if controversial takes on Eugene O'Neill and Arthur Miller, a blissful reassessment of Alan Ayckbourn, a biting reappraisal of a formerly mishandled Martin McDonagh play and a transcendent interpretation of August Wilson's richest work.

Point taken. Now what about the new plays?

(I will admit that Twelfth Night sounds pretty sweet, not least because Hem's in it.)

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