Jun 19, 2009

Moses Proposes

It's apparently a great time to see playwrights develop their work onstage; Suzan-Lori Parks' Father Came Home From the Wars, as I've noted, is at the Public through the end of the month, it's only $10, and it reportedly includes Parks herself playing guitar and singing an original opening song.

Now Itamar Moses is flinging himself onto a local stage. To wit, a beguiling email that just flew in:
As some of you may know, about a million years ago, when I first came to New York, I was in a sketch comedy group. Then I left the world of sketch for the equally perplexing workd of non-profit off-broadway theatre. But, apparently, I kept writing sketches every now and then, and, when fused with some sketches by my friend Gene, they accidentally formed this show.

He goes on to say that he and Gene Perelson may run their new show, titled Insecurity Guards, longer in the fall if it goes well. It's at the Tank June 24-25. And it's $5.

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