May 12, 2010

Scott Walters Bait

Today's American Theatre Facebook topic is what city theater artists should start out in. So far I see lots of respondents saying Chicago and New York, but there are also a lot of well-taken points about D.C., Philly, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, etc. And don't, worry, Prof, a few speak up for going off the grid. I liked Jeanmarie Simpson Hall's response:
Wherever they are is a great departure point. Hold your own city in the palm of your hand. Make art, produce it, promote it. Put your city on the map. THEN move, if your ambitions drive you to do so.
And Laurie McCants:
Why a city? Find a small town! Band together with some likeminded artists and citizens and start your own theatre! See Network of Ensemble Theaters for pointers!

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