May 10, 2010

OK, an Even Hotter Topic

While the debate below still rages, Isaac's post at Parabasis today (about Newsweek's ridiculously homophobic recent editorial and La Chenoweth's righteous response) inspired me to ask the question on AT's Facebook page, "Of course gay actors can play straight. Can't they?" So far my favorite response is from Manda Martin:
I think a far more interesting use of Newsweek's journalistic prowess would have been an article about all of the gay Republican congressmen who've successfully "played straight" while launching horribly discriminatory campaigns and legislation against gay men and women. That's pretty good acting, no?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a college theater student, and our professors talk openly about men who can't "play straight"--specifically, they are reluctant to admit them to the BFA performing major. However, if a gay man can "play straight"--which I think Groff does convincingly on "Glee" and Cheyenne Jackson does convincingly on "30 Rock"--they're happy to admit them (assuming they have talent, of course). However, if a gay guy at my school can't "play straight" they have a much harder time getting in to the program--largely because the school doesn't want to graduate people who they think will have a hard time getting professional work.

The problem is, most of the gay men at the college level seem to have a much harder time playing straight then Groff or Jackson--who seem to be the exception rather than the rule.