May 14, 2010

Ring a Ding

The L.A. Opera is having some problems with its current $32 Million Ring cycle--like two of its star singers dissing it on the record in today's LA Times, calling the conception of German director Achim Freyer unsafe and dubious. This is probably not the best defense I've heard, from an L.A. Opera spokesperson:
"The psychological dimension is outsourced to other forms of expression, like the lighting."
The singing and acting are apparently handling the "music" and "motion" requirements.

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Seth R. said...

I was able to see this show, it had some impressive numbers in it but overall wasn't as amazing as what the production costs (in my opinion). There were definitely scenes in it where if something went wrong someone is going to get hurt so I can see why the performers would be concerned but at the same time if you don't want to be in it, you don't have to. Don't publicly insult something you decided to be a part of!

On second thought it's very possible that their statements could bring in more audience when they hear how dangerous it maybe it's for the best.