Jan 7, 2010

Who'd Want to Live Like That?

For some reason, Isaac's blockbuster post about the state of American theater, and his place in or out of it, made me think of this priceless clip from the so-so documentary Comedian, in which Jerry Seinfeld schools an annoying young comic.

Thing is, though I love that story, I have to admit that though I've certainly known him and even been him, I'm no longer that musician in the snow; I'm much closer to the family inside the house (though that house would have to have a piano in it). Though to some of my red-state relatives, my life still seems a little odd--they can't understand how or why I'd try to raise a child in the city without owning a house with a yard and a set of wheels or two (and trust me, these are not questions my little family is totally settled on, either), let alone how someone makes a living writing about plays--I am, for better or worse, a father and a husband and family guy as much as, and even more, than I am an artist, critic, journalist, career guy.

All of which is my own self-involved way of saying, Mazel tov! to Isaac (and Anne).

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