Jan 19, 2010

A BAM-bound Throne of Blood

One of my favorite gigs is writing for Oregon Shakes' annual play guide Illuminations. In 2008 I had the pleasure of diving into Don Quixote, which Octavio Solis adapted for last year's season, and last summer I immersed myself in Kurosawa to write about Throne of Blood, Ping Chong's upcoming theatricalization of the great black-and-white film, which is itself a Japanized Macbeth. I may or may not get out to Oregon to see it, but I need not worry: I just learned that after playing Ashland TOB is coming to BAM, which co-commissioned it for its Next Wave festival.

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EM Lewis said...

I can't *WAIT* to see this show at OSF!! Love the film, and am excited to see what they do with it there.