Jan 5, 2010

Also-Rans for the Name of What We Do

With the untimely passing of blogger and St. Louis theatre publicist Brad L. Graham comes the reminder that he jokingly coined the term "blogosphere" way back in 1999. Here's the original post, which offers a few other fun ideas:
Hello, blogiverse! Blogosphere? Blogmos? (Carl Sagan: "Imagine billions and billions and billions of blogs.")
What about those of us who blog about the stage? I'm not sure if theatrosphere really does the trick, and my joking coinage "blogo-theatrosphere" has somehow failed to catch on.


Mark said...

With apologies to Isaac, I have always disliked the term "theatrosphere," because it doesn't say anything about blogs. "Theater blogosphere" has always suited me just fine.

isaac butler said...

no apologies needed! i didn't come up with it. although i can't remember who did. i just use it.