Oct 2, 2009

It's About Time?

As I walked to A Steady Rain last night on 45th Street, I had a fleeting moment of exhilaration when I looked around and saw straight plays everywhere: God of Carnage, Oleanna, Superior Donuts, and the show I was headed to (no great shakes, by the way--it's a Lumetian/Lehanian act-off that the walrus-moustached Daniel Craig handily walks away with; more here). My excitement was a little tempered by the comment I heard as I left: "I like this whole 90 minutes thing," said one woman, and then I passed this sign in front of Oleanna:

Playgoer alert!

1 comment:

The Playgoer said...

Well, for the more patient, there's always the 4-hour Othello!

Ah what an age of extremes we live in...