Oct 27, 2009

Contributing to the Dialogue (and Not)

Scott Walters, no stranger to bloggy contretemps and passionate disagreement, puts theater blogging in historical context and pronounces the dialogue healthy. The comments more or less make his point. UPDATE: One of the less circumspect voices in this exchange has begun to purge a recent post of its most over-the-top invective. Lest we ever forget what Leonard Jacobs, Editor in Chief of the Clyde Fitch Report, looks like when he's in full ad hominem fury, the original is here.


Leonard Jacobs said...

Nice, Rob. Making a great and beautiful world for your child, I guess.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Let me add two things.

One, a mutual acquaintance of mine and the "aggrieved" emailed me and suggested how, without defanging my fury, I could tone it down, so I did.

Two, I also modified other parts of the "From the Blogroll" post that had nothing to do with the so-called "aggrieved." You could have noted that in your post, but you didn't. Funny how that is.

I guess you're the policeman for the neighborhood. Better hope your own precinct is spotless.

Scott Walters said...

Who is writing this dialogue -- it's like a bad comic book!