Dec 17, 2004

This Consensus Reality

Slate's always entertaining David Edelstein, after quoting a particularly terrible line in his largely dismissive review of Kevin Spacey's Bobby Darin biopic Beyond the Sea, invited readers to send in the worst biopic dialogue they could find, and he's posted the results here.

His top spot goes to this overheated monologue from the Belushi biopic Wired, which gets extra points on this blog for having a pretentious theatre reference:
John, there's a light within you. I want you to burn it out. BURN IT OUT! BURN IT OUT! In Vietnam, monks set themselves on fire. Artaud. Artaud said that actors should perform like they are on fire. Signaling through the flames ... THAT'S our job as comedians! To burn brightly and stand as a symbol. I will not give in to this consensus reality! Cut the demons loose, John! Let 'em loose! That's were your characters come from.

Speaking of Wired: Does anyone remember how star Michael Chiklis was personally threatened by Dan Aykroyd for taking the lead role? The late funnyman's former partner basically implied that Chiklis would never work in this town again. Hmm, remind me--what was the last Emmy Aykroyd won?

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