Dec 21, 2004

Kick Your RSS

Thanks to advice from Colleen Wainwright and Jonathan Winn, I've figured out the whole RSS feed subscription thing, for those who want to keep track of this blog that way. The url to paste into your news aggregator is Then you'll have something that looks a little bit like this:


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...and for future reference, you may want to post a link to the feed on your links panel. Most RSS feeds are represented by this:
RSSor this:

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If you are using Firefox 1.0, look for the little orange icon in the lower right hand corner. It shows up on any page with a feed. Click on it and you can make a Live Bookmark which replicates the functions of a news aggregator. There's also the Sage Extension which does that and more.

As regards your other about Chuck Mee, Ptui.

--- Ravi