Dec 2, 2004

Outside the Blog

This month's has a round-up of exciting young theatre companies from around the country, and I'm happy to say that two L.A. upstarts are among the dozen troupes the mag calls "hot, hip and on the verge." My colleague Steven Leigh Morris does the honors for Son of Semele, and I've got a piece on the Black Dahlia.

Also this week, look for my Times feature on the impish URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL: DEAN CAMERON'S NIGERIAN SPAM SCAM SCAM, which I had a great time writing.

Pieces like these remind me why I do this. Indeed, I can imagine that few people have jobs where the ratio of fun had to pay received is so wildly out of proportion--that is, except for the people who make the theatre I have the privilege of covering.

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