Mar 6, 2012

Things to Cherish

Today on American Theatre's Facebook page I asked what sorts of souvenirs folks take away from productions they've been involved with. Apart from the usual programs, postcards, and bits of sets, I was struck by this entry, from set designer and pirate lookalike David Gallo:
There was a time I liked to take certain small objects away from a production. I have the actual dice Al Pacino used as his gambler character in my Broadaway debut Hughie. I also cherish the small written note our dearly departed Bruno Kirby created on stage while portraying "Alan" in the Off-Broadway production of Bunny Bunny. The note was written to honor the late Gilda Radner as portrayed beautifully by Paula Kale. Small things but they mean a lot to me.
For my part, I've got a handful of T-shirts from my high school shows (Anything Goes, JC Superstar, Birdie, Forum), at which point my stage career all but ended, save a few musical appearance in the early aughts, from which I mostly have memories (and some recordings).

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