Jun 15, 2010

R Town

While David Cromer's great Our Town revival announces Helen Hunt as its new stage manager, there's this bracing piece from D.C. (h/t Kerry Reid):
In the last act, the narrator, known only as the "Stage Manager," lists the newest occupants of the cemetery, some buried before their time: Mrs. Gibbs, swept away by pneumonia; Mr. Stimson, a suicide; and Wally Webb, the child whose appendix burst on a Boy Scout trip.

In "R Town," adapted to Southeast Washington by students and alumni of Hart Middle School, the cemetery scene includes a real and much longer list of those who died young in their community, with nicknames such as J-Rock, Popcorn, Butta Rocks, Sinquan, Lip, L'il Ed, Brandon, Swag and Tank.

Video here.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great that a Washington D.C. school is putting on their own production of "R town." I saw the revival in NYC and was blown away. These kids should put their own twist to an American classic.