Jun 8, 2010

And For Something Completely a CONTEST

I'm not often the recipient of such honors, but the kind folks at Sony Home Entertainment have kindly offered to include the Wicked Stage in a DVD giveaway contest scheme, which I'm happy to be a part of because I can more or less endorse the product sight unseen: The DVD in question is a concert video of Monty Python's Not the Messiah, Eric Idle and John DuPrez's musical adaptation of The Life of Brian. I saw and enjoyed an earlier version of same at Caramoor Center for the Arts a few years back.

But this DVD was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall last October, I am duly informed, with "a chorus of 140, an orchestra of 80, 5 soloists, 8 bagpipers, and 3 sheep." Most importantly for fans, the "soloists" in question included Carol Cleveland, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Neil Innes, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. The cast I saw at Caramoor was not so Python-studded (although the lead was played by none other than Christopher Sieber), though I can say that the bagpipes are a high point of any rendition.

So...without further ado...the first Wicked Stage reader who answers the following trivia question, I have been assured, will receive a free copy of the Not the Messiah DVD:

Which two members of Monty Python have been nominated for Oscars?

Send your answers to robkendt@gmail.com.

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