Jul 17, 2008

"Rafta Rafta" Headed for Main Stem

Just got word from a pretty reliable source that Rafta Rafta..., Ayub Khan-Din's intergenerational comedy about a South Asian family in Britain, which closed a successful New Group run at the Acorn last month, is prepping a move to Broadway. To the best of my knowledge (a.k.a., a quick IBDB search), this would be the first New Group move from Off- to Broadway, though the company is among the producers of Avenue Q and Scott Elliott has helmed his share of Broadway productions. Maybe moving a hit will work better for Elliott than going directly to Broadway with ambitious fizzles (Threepenny Opera) or shrugging revivals (Barefoot in the Park).


Aaron Riccio said...

WHY?! Granted, I'm in the minority about Rafta, Rafta . . . but man, someone should write a story about how "ethnic" shows are really helping to sell weak books. "In The Heights" has a terrible book, but is thriving. "West Side Story" is making a bilingual comeback (although I sense a flop). And now "Rafta, Rafta"? Is it actually any different from the 1968 play it's based on?

Anonymous said...

I think this is an awesome move - I simply loved the play and think it has great potential on Broadway.