Jul 2, 2008

Queer as Rap

I'm not the only critic for whom the words "gay rap opera" did not add up, at least not to any promising sum; a well-placed colleague of mine confessed to me that the idea of Bash'd "sounded godawful." So I was as surprised as anyone how damn good, and how entertaining, it is. My review here. Other reviews, incidentally, have mostly been raves, but I noticed The New Yorker's unattributed blurb (not online) raises the specter of racism in the LGBT community, as if hip-hop tropes are solely the province of black culture and resistance. I had thought that debate might be settled by now, but I guess not.

In other news, I saw the solo show Explicit Vows, too.

(Photo by Carol Rosegg.)

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Aaron Riccio said...

Yeah, I'll be one of the lone dissenters on Bash'd. I tried to find that blurb in the New Yorker; do you know what issue it was in?