May 29, 2008

But Shatner Is Cool Now, No?

Wowee. I've dished out my share of bad reviews in the past, and I've received mostly good or goodish ones for my own musical efforts. But I guess the bad karma had to come around eventually, and boy, has it ever: I just caught this breathtaking slam of my pop CD on a site called Is This Music? The critic's answer to the site's rhetorical question would be a resounding no. And I quote:
‘I’m Not Sentimental’ is possibly one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard. Virtually every track is a cheesy, odious dirge against music...Perhaps the album’s real low point, when it really hits the depths, is on the (and I can barely bring myself to say this) ‘mash up’ of Britney Spears and The Beatles; ‘Oops I did Bunglalow Bill’. The track is an absolute embarrassment and so cringey it’s likely to induce projectile vomiting, single-handedly managing to be about 10 times worse than it even sounds...One of the worst things about this album is that it is completely devoid of talent. Kendt simply can’t sing a note. He’s tone deaf and off key at times on most of the tracks. His writing stinks of smug self indulgence and tries to be too intelligent and theatrical. In truth, it sounds like elevator music for the lobotomised.

A commenter on the review chimes in with a comparison to Shatner's classic bad records of the '60s, which I must say I take as an ironic compliment. And I can now back up what I said in a recent post about the lukewarm Time Out review of The Devil & Tom Walker: A slam this lip-smackingly bad is actually more fun to get than a shruggy, I-get-it-but-I-didn't-like-it review. Although preferably I wouldn't want to make a habit of either.

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually an occasional writer at itm?, hence me finding the link - just wanted to say that though I didn't hear your CD - it wasn't me! - I am impressed by your good nature in accepting the review and even quoting from it. I'm sure we (as writers) have all had irate bands and musicians moaning, sniping and even threatening when they feel they've been wronged in print, so it's nice to see someone agreeing to disagree in good humour. (Maybe that is because you're a writer yourself; as you rightly point out, you have to take it if you dish it out).
Best wishes