Apr 30, 2008

Moving Experience

Next week my employer, the Theatre Development Fund, will relocate its offices from the Paramount Building, at 1501 Broadway in the middle of the Times Square "bowtie," to 520 8th Avenue, the same building as a couple of other arts organizations. I've known 520 primarily as the home of Ripley-Grier rehearsal studios, where I've logged some hours on musical theatre projects, mostly for the BMI workshop. 520 is a brisk 10-minute walk from my office here in Times Square; so are a few other popular studios with piano rooms (Shetler, Nola).

Today, seeking a spot to hash out some ideas on short notice, my writing partner on a new musical suggested we use a room he has access to as a member of the Dramatists Guild. The address? 1501 Broadway, 7th floor! And all this time I'd been walking...and I'll be moving next week...D'oh!

Ample compensation: The Steinway I tinkered on today at the Guild used to belong to a no-talent slouch named Richard Rodgers. Is this city great or what?

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