Apr 24, 2008

Greig's List

I had the pleasure recently of chatting with Scottish playwright David Greig (pronounced "Grayg," rhymes with "Craig") for Time Out. New York audiences may remember his play An American Pilot at MTC a few years back; now he's bringing two plays to Brits Off Broadway, the teen thriller Yellow Moon and a rueful, witty cross-cultural romantic comedy, Damascus. For myself, I'm a fan of his play The cosmonaut's last message to the woman he once loved in the former soviet union, which I saw in an uneven production in L.A. some years ago, and I spoke to him for the Taper program when his play Pyrenees bowed in L.A. a few years back. Nice bit of trivia: Greig was a friend, and even briefly a roommate, of pathbreaking British playwright Sarah Kane.

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Mark Fisher said...

Actually, David's surname is pronounced Greg, to rhyme with peg, leg and beg. Hope you enjoy Yellow Moon. It was very popular here in Scotland.