Apr 7, 2008

Devil's Music

I met Yvonne Conybeare in a SITI workshop offered by Burning Wheel in L.A. a few years back. We stayed in touch when I moved East, and of late I've become a full-fledged collaborator with her on The Devil & Tom Walker, an adaptation of a Washington Irving short story. Yvonne conceived and directed the project, bringing in playwright Tony Pennino to artfully expand the Irving original into a full-length play, and yours truly to "do the music." I don't recall the exact point when the show went from being a "play with music," with a mere smattering of period folk songs dotting the narrative, to a more-or-less full-fledged "new musical" with more new material than old. But I'm sure glad it did. It runs at the Metropolitan Playhouse Apr. 18-May 18; here's NYTheatre.com's dandy podcast about it. End of plug!

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