Feb 22, 2008

Price Points

He's a producer, so of course he's going to defend the high price of tickets. On Ken Davenport's blog yesterday:
One of the most common complaints I still hear at meetings regarding the problems of Broadway and the theater in general is that tickets are too expensive and if we could only fix that, the theater would be restored to its past glory!

Sorry, not gonna happen.

He goes on to compare Broadway prices to the price of tickets to Bon Jovi, Yankee games, Cirque in Vegas, and Disney World, and concludes that the price of New York theater Broadway tickets is not too high--according to Davenport, "They are even cheap by some comparisons." There's cold economic truth in what he says, of course, but those comparisons speak for themselves. I have to wonder what Davenport thinks about initiatives like this. Take it away, Garrett.

(h/t Thomas Cott.)

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