Feb 6, 2008

And Now Back to Regular Programming

Yes, I know this blog has been light on writing about theater lately. The year has started up again a bit slow in that department, but I can offer a few highlights...

I was underwhelmed by the new production of The Homecoming, though I found Eve Best and Michael McKean extremely good, and I also had the sneaking sense that this show, even more than most, is a night-to-night thing, quality-wise.

I pretty much loved November, which is indeed Mamet Lite but so well constructed and paced and played it's a thing of beauty to behold. I felt similarly about David Ives' artful Twain tweak, Is He Dead? I saw Color Purple again, with almost an entirely new cast, and I have to admit--I still like it. So sue me.

I'm off to see the much-buzzed-about Next To Normal, and my reviewing schedule is slowly starting up again. (Here's a review of Conjur Woman at LaMaMa etc.)

Oh, and though there are no bylines on 'em, my day job involves putting together pieces like these, on the likes of Laurie Metcalf, Leigh Silverman, A.C. Grayling, Neil Pepe, Stew associate Heidi Rodewald, Paul Taylor, Jimmi Simpson, and...heck, if you're interested, bunches.


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Agree with you completely on The Homecoming and Is He Dead?. Hopefully it will be three for three when I finally see November next week.

Dan said...

Rob -

Does TDF work solely in NYC? Is there any institutional interest in funding/establishing projects in Chicago?