Jun 5, 2006

Getting It

When the The Onion interview with Paul Rudd turned to the subject of critics and why they've been so cruel to poor little Julia Roberts, his Three Days of Rain co-star, I found myself nodding in agreement at this eminently sane approach:
You know, people are always quick to say the critics obviously didn't get it. Or the ones that gave good reviews, they obviously got it, but the ones who didn't, didn't get it. And I just think, "No, they totally got it. It's just that this is what they got from it."

That's a remarkably grown-up attitude. This, on the other hand, has a whiff of the schoolyard:
But I think that you have to look at a critic's physical appearance. Sometimes on TV or something, I see these critics, and the way they wear their hair… or they'll have a mustache without any irony, and I think, "This guy's aesthetic criteria is so completely different from mine. What I think is cool is so not what he thinks is cool." You go, "What kind of music is this person listening to?" And then I go, "All right, you know what? We have different tastes." So it just puts their critical analysis in a different light.


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