Mar 19, 2006

Rereading Ray

My piece on Fahrenheit 451, with a new interview with Ray Bradbury, is here.


Jim Chevallier said...

Damn. I got all the way through the Bradbury piece and was still digesting the fact that "The Pedestrian" was based on a real incident when I saw it was by... Rob Kendt. Even then it took Bonnie Gillespie to let me know Los Angeles was less one journalist/creative soul.

Back to the land of real weather, hey, Mr. K? Nice to see your byline.

Jim Chevallier

Anonymous said...

That is the problem with visionary futuristic writers, they out live their own futures. No Orwellian war? Blowback? Move an entire country to South Florida? What science fiction world is this man living in? Maybe it adds color to the piece but it is sad to read.