Mar 13, 2006

Cash Out

Well, the reviews are in on the Johnny Cash musical Ring of Fire. Brantley invokes Lawrence Welk, Barnes is left cold (though what, pray tell, does he mean by "the slightly fluttery tone of Cash"?), Rooney tries to appreciate the show's red state bankability. For my part, I found it slick and shiny and generic. (Fact check for Brantley: the "Courteney Cox lookalike" who sings "I Still Miss Someone" isn't Lari White, it's Beth Malone.)


Anonymous said...

These constant comparisons with the Times and other critics grow tedious and smack of careerist self-promotion and/or self-administered consolation. Ah well, it's a blog.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you'd think John Simon would have the stones to sign his name.

Anyway: glad to be reading you, Rob. I'll be in New York sometime this June and would love to meet up with you.

Kerry Reid