Mar 8, 2006

Calling "Bluff"

I enjoyed Jeffrey Sweet's play, a success in Chicago, making a quietly auspicious New York debut. Review here.

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Lady Base Camp said...

I have scene writing due on Tues . . . no problem. But I am also assigned to read Bluff, can't figure out how I can get it on line. Thank you for posting your review . Knowing the synopsis will help.

The Script is due in my mail soon. We are using Dramatist's Toolkit by Jeffrey Sweet as one of two books as part of our syllabus for Intro to Playwrighting and it is fantastic. My goal in education is a degree, (and a career,) in theater so it is important to me. The Blog has been a place for me to just write any old way I want to and that helps so when I sit down for an assignment I can discipline myself. If my postings loose their format or characters lie flat I can just leave it there until I am ready to rewrite. It’s a little bit like being naked in public but at least I will not loose my stuff in a hard drive crash . . . again.