Aug 21, 2005

The Welcome Wagon

Does this mention make me an Official Brooklyn Theatre Blogger? Flattered to be among the ranks. Now I'll have to catch up with my colleagues' work.

And, since apparently this fabulous playwright was the one who graciously supplied the link, I am free to say here (since I wasn't reviewing it) that I very much enjoyed Uncle Sam's Satiric Spectacular, a Fringe offering from the acting interns at Actors Theatre of Louisville, with pieces by a clutch of talented writers (including Sheila Callaghan, Hilly Hicks, Bridget Carpenter, to mention the names I recognized) and directed by an old L.A. regular, Wendy McClellan (for a look back at my trip to see her and the Humana offerings during her first hectic year at ATL, look here).

The piece's seat-of-the-pants vaudeville stylings, which gave its liberal critique of the state of the union a diverting, occasionally moving patina of wistful irony, worked quite well in the rather narrow, unprepossessing Players Theatre in the Village. Given the notoriously brutal tech schedule afforded to these Fringe shows—3 to 4 hours, by most accounts—it comes off as remarkably assured, and even its bobbles and wobbles seemed planned.

Today I'm off to see show # 8 in my Fringe travels. Here's hoping I get out this much (for the Times or whoever) after the festival tent is folded.

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