Aug 16, 2005

Love Those Headline Writers

Gotta love the headline for this review. Meanwhile, the Fringe gets a whole batch of reviews; here's a page with another of my short takes (scroll down). I'd say, based on the fare I've seen and read about so far, that L.A.'s own fringe fest has nothing to be ashamed of.


Jason Grote said...

Welcome to NY. I am a perennial complainer about their reviewing (especially Jason Zinoman's, apologies if you're friends), and I think your work is a vast improvement over what's usually in there. My god, a reviewer who actually writes about the show! What will they think of next!

Of course, I'm also a playwright, and with my luck being what it is, if I ever get reviewed by the NYT you will hate my work and/or Zinoman will love it, precipitating a crisis that forces me to reevaluate everything I believe.

RB Ripley said...

This is one playwright already missing your presence back here on the West coast. Enjoyed your review of the NY Fringe and appreciate the nod to the LA version.

Wilde said...

Come to Philly Fringe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Here's my take from Flyover Land on some of the best Chicago bets.,freid,66697,11.html

I've seen both "Soiree Dada" and the Ibsen piece, and both are pretty terrific, though of course you know I am partial to all things Dada. The Witkiewicz I've not seen, but Trap Door practically owns the local franchise in Chicago on 20th century Eastern European experimental theater, particularly Witkacy. I saw a good production of "The Shoemakers" that they did a few years ago. How many companies do one play by Witkiewicz over the course of their existence, let alone four or five?

Congrats on the NY Times gig. Hope they'll keep you around after the Fringe folds up its tent.