Aug 22, 2005

Scream of the Crop?

Unfortunately not.

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Mike Mariano said...

Mr. Kendt, I was there for the Sunday night performance of Silence. If this was the performance you attended, your review completely misrepresents the audience's reaction.

Your review claims the play "[misses] as many opportunities for laughs as they hit," allows for moments of "titters" and contains no "side-splitting laughter."

The audience Sunday night however, let out plenty of side-splitting laughter, stopping the show at points.

That doesn't mean the show warranted its enthusiastic response, but it doesn't mean it didn't receive it, either.

Meanwhile Robin Reed's NYTheatre review comes to some of the same conclusions you did, but acknowledges the crowd.

You could have done that, or you could have ignored audience reaction completely. But don't say that Silence will not get heavy laughter when it observably did.