Sep 2, 2009

Signs of the Times

I'm not proud of feeling it--that familiar blend of paranoia and schadenfreude engendered by the spectacle of the so-called "Tea Parties" and the astroturfed town hall meetings on health care reform--but I troll Media Matters out of morbid interest as much as the next guy to get my occasional Fox-froth fix. (Speaking seriously, and optimistically, I think this carny-sideshow approach may have won Republicans a few news cycles but may end up costing them the larger battle.) But I couldn't resist this gallery by Jonathan Ligon (you have to log in to Facebook to see it), in which the recurring joke is that xenophobes and English-language-only advocates seem to have a self-discrediting habit of misspelling. The photo above, though, is something else entirely--proof that maybe there really is some creative thinking left on the right. UPDATE: Just as I posted this, I saw some serious Turing news. Amen to that. (h/t Daily Dish)


cinco said...

I think the woman's sign is ironic; i.e., she's not anti-homosexual at all. Right? Note the rainbow flag she's holding!

Rob Weinert-Kendt said...

Good point--ditto the "I agree with the SJC" sticker (that refers to Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage). I think if someone wanted to be more on point with an ironic sign at these protests, they should have a sign that reads, "End socialist programs like Medicare and Social Security and the VA!" But that's not very catchy.