Sep 29, 2009

Down in Front

For the love of God, will someone please come up with some kind of cellphone-blocking force field in theaters? The video below, from a recent Steady Rain preview starring you-know-whos, is skin-crawling to watch (though, come to think of it, if you can use a camera in the theater...). (h/t Playgoer)


Bobby said...

They have the force field but it cannot go into practice due to FCC laws and regulations. One case to bring up on why it may not be in place would be the Russian theatre that was taken over by terrorists. Imagine being in that situation and not being able to sneak a cell phone call to the police.

Mark Fossen said...

This "viral video" suddenly sneaks onto the web yesterday ... and the show opens tonight?

That's awfully good, steady, and well-timed cameraphone video, isn't it?