Jun 18, 2008

Premium Wit

I never had the chance to catch the self-referential [title of show] in its acclaimed previous incarnations, so I'm happy at last that it's transferring to Broadway. Not least because I can hope to receive more Onion-flavored press releases like this:
The first new show of the 2008-09 Broadway season, [title of show] - an original musical about the making of an original musical - will introduce the new $2,501.50 "Extrava[tos] VIP Luxury" premium priced ticket, it has been announced by the show's producers.

The $2,501.50 "Extrava[tos] VIP Luxury" premium ticket will include a tiara and scepter, opera glasses, and the unprecedented option to have an NYU student attend [title of show] in your place and then describe the experience to the ticket-buyer. "Our elite ticket package patrons lead a jet-set lifestyle. Their time is precious and we at [title of show] get that. However, they are also the kind of people that need to appear "in the know." Our one of a kind student swap out option, makes the elite ticket package a win/win situation," says [title of show] librettist and star Hunter Bell.

Get Bob Sillerman on the horn, baby!

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