Jun 24, 2008

Kitchen Patrol

My church in Greenpoint started a weekly community dinner last fall, and it's expanded exponentially in its reach since then. It turns out that Greenpoint really needed a free meal. Many of its denizens, and the church building, are featured in this music video by Jose James, in fact.

The soup kitchen and food pantry have received a heartening outpouring of help and support, but this summer they could use some more. I've pasted an appeal below. If you can help out, or direct interested parties to this opportunity to give, please do so. The residents of Greenpoint, and I, will thank you.

Food Pantry Update- Volunteer Needed

Our church began both a soup kitchen and food pantry last fall. Both have grown rapidly and we now hand out about 200 bags of groceries and provide meals to over 75 people every week.

We are now seeking a summer intern or full time volunteer who could help lead the project through August.

There are no requirements to participate. All people are welcome regardless of their faith, background, or economic situation.

Key responsibilities would include:

Overseeing actual operation of the Food Pantry and Community Dinner

Organizing and supervise our volunteers weekly to help with all aspects of the project including deliveries, including writing descriptions of volunteer jobs

Creating a system for inventorying stock

Working to help us meet our grant qualifications

Improving both the efficiency and level of service we provide including making jobs easier for drop in volunteers.

Many more opportunities available based on the experience and willingness of the applicant including learning opportunities in nonprofit management, development, social services, and community service.

Key skills are:

The ability to work with a wide a range of people and backgrounds, both as clients and volunteers

Reliable and able to spend at least 3 days a week on site between now and august (more hours available if needed).

Strong interest in community or social services

Flexibility, ability to work unsupervised, self starter, strong problem solving skills

To apply, please email your resume and short cover letter explaining why you want to volunteer to Amil Gehrke at agehrke@gmail.com

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