Jan 31, 2008

Pitch "Jump"

From Warmowski, this priceless Van Halen train wreck, summed up here:

So what happens when you’re Van Halen, the last song in your set list is the million-seller “Jump” with its synthesizer-keyboard opening…and the recording you’re using to play back the synth is accidentally run at 48K instead of 44.1K?

Ouch. If you're wondering what the fuss is about, you can really hear it at about the 1:50 mark, and again at 3:00. It makes Stockhausen sound like Schubert.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I don't need to go in for a chemical peel now, cause watching/hearing that just made me claw several layers of skin off of my face. To top it off, my teeth were grinding so much as to generate sparks.

You were being generous to indicate only two spots where it is obvious. Oy. Welcome to MY nightmare.

On the other hand, any audience that seems thrilled most by a singer's antics with a huge inflatable microphone pretty much gets what it deserves, no?