Jan 15, 2008

Golden Time

One of the events I treasured most last year, or any year, was the Golden Festival, hosted by the awesome brass band Zlatne Uste. This Balkan music blowout at Good Shepherd School on 207th and Broadway featured bands playing on three floors all night (and a dance workshop the night before, for those who want to master the more involved time signatures). I had a great time trying not to get stepped on and standing in line for authentic food and beer, and it's also where I happened to discover and meet one of my favorite musicians. So I've awaited this year's festival eagerly--eagerly enough to schedule my recent Mexican vacation around the date of the fest. I won't make it to the dance workshop (I'll be at a show by one of my favorite songwriters), but Golden Fest? With the proverbial bells on.

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Inna B said...

sweet! we're on at 11:50 pm in the Main Room!!!