Nov 9, 2007

You Say Fronkensteen...

Eric Grode was the critic at until the fall of 2005, when he graciously ceded the job to me and took the head-critic post at The New York Sun. So I found this contrast diverting: While today's reviews for Young Frankenstein are mostly mixed to negative, Grode's is by far the most scathing. His lead:
As Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom learned to their detriment, even the most witless musical comedy can make a bundle. The shameless hucksters at the center of Mel Brooks's "The Producers" found this out when "Springtime for Hitler," their toe-tapping salute to der Führer, became the toast of Broadway. Bialystock and Bloom...may have been crooks, but they weren't fools: They knew that "Springtime" was a crass, unfunny turkey. What's Mel Brooks's excuse vis-à-vis "Young Frankenstein"?

Meanwhile, back at, another Main Stem pundit had this to say:
It's definitely the best show I've ever seen.

Which to believe, dear reader?

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