Nov 1, 2007

Cab Attacks Booth!

Well, not quite. As I walked back from lunch today I heard a loud noise coming from the intersection of 47th and 7th Ave. Apparently a taxi driver had somehow crashed his car through the wall around the site at Duffy Square, where the new TKTS Discount Booth is under construction, and was sitting at an angle just inside the enclosure (second photo, below). I could not, and still cannot, reconstruct how he must have made that move without overturning or causing any apparent casualties.

Alas, I didn't have a camera, but a TDF coworker made it to the site soon after. The picture above shows the breach in the wall, and the first picture below shows the car's position, post-breakthrough. The second aerial picture below that shows the scene after the car has been repositioned and the breached wall mostly put back together. The new Duffy Square hasn't even opened and already they're busting down the door for cheap tickets!
(Photos by Ray Atherton.)

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