May 1, 2007

The Wish I Were in L.A. File

Tracy Letts' Bug, which I caught a few years ago in N.Y., remains one of the high points of my theatergoing, so it's heartening to see that its L.A. premiere is in such good hands. I've admired director Scott Cummins' work as an actor a few times before (and never in print is my deep admiration for the Lost Angels' pitch-black L.A. rendition of Letts' Killer Joe). As for the leads, Amy Landecker appeared in another role in Bug's New York cast, and I admired her work in last year's so-so Apartment 3A, and Andrew Elvis Miller was a peerless Aguecheek in the Appalachian Twelfth Night I had the privilege to work on some years ago. I almost can't imagine a play so intense in the cozy confines of the Coast Playhouse, but I'm having a good time trying.

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