May 23, 2007

Straight Guy's Guide to Musicals

Not as brilliant or as up-to-date as it could be, but amusing nonetheless. Favorite bit: "Do you pray to the sweet Lord above to create a patch of common ground between the geeks from the high school chess club and the geeks from the high school theater club so that these two warring factions can finally be united and a new era of peace may begin? The Lord has heard your prayers and behold! He gives you Chess, the Musical."

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Unknown said...

Hey talking about straight and gay guys I have a show that everyone will enjoy that I thought you all might be interested in...

I’m interning at SpiegelWorld and we have two really amazing shows this summer! (South Street Seaport).

ABSINTHE (which completely sold out last year) you all probably heard about it or saw it, It’s the acro-burlesque vaudeville show. This year there’s a new cast

There is also LA VIE, which will be a world premiere. Created by a group of former Cirque de Soleil performers (the 7 fingers).

I’m really excited about this, the shows are supposed to be out of this world! There will also be the Green Fairy Garden with a restaurant and bar, private cabanas for parties, a DJ tent, and a bunch of bands that will be playing this summer.

You can get cheap tickets while they last for about $25 the first two weeks. Just go to and grab them while you can (reg. $55-$70). If you want to find out more about the shows and everything Spiegelworld has to offer you can go to

I hope to see you there!