Aug 18, 2006

Goin' North

I couldn't be happier that Bill Rauch, founding artistic director of Cornerstone Theater Company, has been named artistic director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival. That's two of my favorite theater companies and one of my favorite people, all in one post. Look for a big Q&A with Rauch by yours truly in the October issue of American Theater.

Though I was in L.A. for about 24 hours to talk to Bill (and spend time with his son Liam, a fiercely competitive chess player), I'm selfishly hoping that his new post means I find excuses to go back to Ashland on some magazine or newspaper's dime—frankly, that was one of the best perks of working for Back Stage West back in the day. I have no great insights to offer into this thoroughly exciting partnership at this point (partly 'cause I'm snatching a moment here from a rather stressful copy-editing job), except to say: Congrats to both Bill and OSF. I can't wait to hear about, and if I'm lucky see, what blossoms from this felicitous match-up.

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