Aug 21, 2006

And...McNulty Takes the Lead!

And the first review of Mother Courage at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park the Los Angeles Times. I couldn't agree less, incidentally. My rave should be up in a few hours. UPDATE: Talkin' Broadway's Matthew Murray joins the slam chorus. And Newsday's Linda Winer is more mixed. UDPATE: Brantley, thoroughly mixed.

THE MORNING AFTER: VAriety's David Rooney is much more upbeat, as is Frank Scheck at the Post. Eric Grode at the New York Sun, whom I often but not always agree with, calls it "a damn mess and a damn shame. (Though this recollection by Matthew Gurewitsch of the role's originator, Therese Giehse, is an interesting tidbit for a right-leaning paper.) My review is still not up, for whatever reason. UPDATE: The review is up (link in post above); and here's John Simon, mostly positive. On the case with his own take is fellow blogger Garrett Eisler. (An anonymous commenter there led me to Elysa Gardner's rave in USA Today, and to the news that Time Out NY's Adam Feldman gave it five stars. The divide thickens.)

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