Nov 1, 2010

Two Trends Worth Noting

1. Isherwood and Brantley seem to have switched places at the Times; for the second time in a week, the day's paper has Isherwood on the Broadway beat (Scottsboro Boys) and Brantley Off-Broadway (Merry Wives); last Wednesday Isherwood caught Rain on Broadway and Brantley Penelope at St. Ann's Warehouse. It's not unprecedented, but it does seem notable.

2. See anything missing from this roster of "Arts + Culture" options on Time Out NY's newly redesigned site?


Aaron Riccio said...

Nope, nothing missing from the TONY site. Unless they fixed it since you posted about it. There's a slider bar which brings up "Gay & Lesbian," "Museums," and "Theater."

Though I did certainly pause upon seeing the initial options, and they're probably going to want to make that clearer before they come out of Beta.

isaac butler said...


scroll to the right, theater is there. it's a flash animated menu.