Nov 2, 2010

Quick Hit Tuesday

Apologies, this blog might as well be a Twitter feed these days...
  • The November issue of American Theatre is out, and it's got a cover story about Cornerstone (a favorite company) by Steven Leigh Morris (indispensable), with a cover photo by Gary Leonard (a national treasure). Wish I could say I had something to do with all of these, but it's actually more a case of having found a place to work where other people actually get how important these folks are.
  • If there's a better profile writer than Jesse Green, I haven't read him. His Kushner exegesis for New York is a work of genius.
  • If you haven't checked in at StageGrade lately, the season is heating up (most recently graded: In the Wake and The Scottsboro Boys).
  • Voice more or less rested, I plan to rock the Path Cafe with (mostly) other people's music this coming Sat. night.

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