Sep 7, 2010

Part of the Problem

If I had a Twitter account, I guess I would have just tweeted my observation that Riedel is a cancer on the American theater. But I don't do Twitter, so here it is on my blog, where I also have space to highlight his new dump-on-the-new-season piece's dumbest, most offensive anonymous quote, on why the revival of Time Stands Still reportedly isn't doing great advance business:
"It's scary. We thought there'd be some interest because of 'The Big C' [Linney's new cable show], but I guess cancer isn't box office."
Actually, maybe all the people who wanted to see Laura Linney and Brian D'Arcy James in a drama about a war photographer somehow already found their way to the Manhattan Theatre Club six months ago.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say cancer. More of a boil on the bum.