Sep 15, 2010

Got Robot Milk?

photo by Scott Beale
My old neighborhood gets odder and odder as it gentrifies, and who would have it any other way? When I first lived in Echo Park in the mid-1990s, there were still drive-bys and stray gunfire at night. Now there's a place called the Allston Yacht Club next to the beloved House of Spirits, and even odder, there's this: something called the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Turns out it's a storefront for the nonprofit tutoring program 826LA, and I guess there's also a storefront in Brooklyn I should check out.


isaac butler said...

The one in Brooklyn (on 5th and 5th) is a superhero supply store. I used to tutor there.

Aaron Riccio said...

Yeah, it's a pretty rad looking storefront. As befits a pretty rad organization.

mark in sf said...

We've got a pirate store here. Same group.